My story

My name is James Milord, I have always had a passion for technology growing up as a kid. I made my first step toward computers at the age of 15, and I became fond of them ever since.

Currently I freelance here and there or hop on projects any chance I get. I go to hackathons a lot since this environment is where I learn the most. I have worked on several projects either alone or with a teammate. Check out my github or devpost for samples of my work and ongoing projects

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An app that scan any prescription bottle and return the text from the picture. With the help of Microsoft Vision API , we were able to translate the text...

Best microsoft hack

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Wowvid is and Online video generator helping the user to generate a simple short video. We incorporated several API such a language translator and more....

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An app that remind you to take your meds, communicate with your doctor by asking refills, and it also allows the doctor to send a real time audio reminder...

Most commercially ready

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What if Amazon echo had eyes.....This is exacly what this application does, it gives the echo eyes through the microsoft vision api, the echo can recognize a face...

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Contact me

  • New York, NY 10009, USA

  • + 973-380-9546